Nature's Promise The Good Land Naturals Story

Over a decade ago, nestled within the confines of our home, lay a concern so profound it transformed the course of our lives. Our young son grappled with challenges that perplexed educators and psychologists alike. The modern world offered solutions wrapped in labels and side effects, prescribing a life bound to psychotropic medications. But for us, this wasn’t the path we envisioned for our beloved child.

GLN Family
In my quest to find a gentler, more natural alternative, I stumbled upon a world that had been waiting for us — the ethereal realm of nature’s vast repertoire of remedies.

Armed with hope, I embarked on a relentless journey of learning. From the silent aisles of public libraries to the buzzing communities on the internet, my thirst for knowledge grew. Days turned into months, then years as I attended webinars, engaged with passionate groups, and immersed myself in attending classes and obtaining a Natural and Organic Skincare certification.

A seemingly simple aromatic blend marked our moment we applied that drop of oil onto our son’s shirt marked a turning point — not just for him, but for our entire family. To see him thrive and flourish in school without the veil of medication was nothing short of a miracle. However, with growth came challenges. Our commitment to purity and quality meant endless searches for the right ingredients. But the heart of Good Land Naturals was undeterred. Our dedication stemmed from our core belief that the land, in its unspoiled form, holds the perfect blueprint for health and vitality.

Good Land Naturals: A Legacy of Nature’s Wisdom

The name ‘Good Land Naturals’ is more than just a brand. It’s a testament. It signifies our unwavering belief that nature, in its pristine state, provides the perfect formula for our well-being.

Our philosophy is simple: to value and harness nature’s age-old wisdom.

We believe in ingredients that are unaltered and true to their essence. For us, ethical skincare is not just about the individual, but the world we leave behind. We envision a world where beauty and care do not come at the cost of the environment. And the community we’ve built reflects this. Many have approached us, their stories echoing similar sentiments — of countless products tried and failed. But with Good Land Naturals, they’ve found solace. This community comprises individuals who not only seek effective solutions but also resonate with our mission to protect and cherish nature. From a parent’s concern to a movement that champions nature’s potential, Good Land Naturals is more than just a skincare brand. It’s a promise — of purity, authenticity, and a future aligned with nature’s rhythm.

~ Dawn Remotti

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